• 1. It can be used with all kinds of sheet metal CNC punch press;
    2. Automatic loading;
    3. Automatic unloaing of semi-finished products and automatic palletizing;
    4. Reduce the labor intensity and improve the production efficiency ;
    5. Reduce the quantity of operators and save the cost of production;

  • Characteristics

    1.It can effectively reduce the labor intensity, improve the production efficiency and lower the safety risk;
    2.Adopt PFG-N suckers with oil resistance from Janpanese Convum which has the advantages of strong suction power, long service life and avoiding effectively plate scratching.
    3.Adopt Taiwan Hiwin high-speed mute precious linear guide, high torque numerical servo motor and original touch screen, with the advantages of high location precision, maintenance free,low motion noise nad so on;
    4.Simple structure, easy to maintain and low-cost maintain;
    5.Intelligent autoamtic start and stop system , it is energy-saving and environmental;
    6.All setting,monitoring and debugging can be operated on the screen by hands and is convenient and effective;